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Newton’s GRAVITY Marketing has integrated these key ideas into its corporate philosphy:

  • Clients and vendors need to be treated with honesty and integrity. We are all in this together.

  • Build relationships that bring clients, vendors and their consumers together for the benefit and profit of all.

  • Work with clients and vendors from start to finish as team members, not just as isolated parts.

  • Advertisers fees have become outrageous and counter productive. Bill fairly and accurately.

  • An experienced, cross-trained team can accomplish more through good communication and proven efficiencies.

  • Design should do and say more, not just pacify clients. Design for you first, then sell it.

  • Approach each project with solid research and understanding instead of simply regurgitating what the client wants to hear.

  • We work hard, and we are good at what we do. we should be compensated for it.

From its humble beginnings in a Lakewood, Ohio basement, Newton’s GRAVITY Marketing was a direct result of a frustration driven, late-night brain storm (ref. Jerry Maguire 1996). After several years working for various agencies, our founder had become exasperated with vendor accountability, missed deadlines, lack of communication, an unethical urge to over-bill, and leadership relying on litigation rather than quality work. Client and vendor relationships had become strained, and their needs were left consistently unfulfilled.

After more than two decades, we have grown into a full-service creative marketing agency. Located in Cleveland's Ohio City, NMI GRAVITY embraces the city's blue-collar work ethic and typically employs 7 hands-on thought leaders in the creative, social media, public relations, and production fields. Each of our employees and contractors share a dedication to making a difference through our work, in each other's lives, and throughout our community.

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a culture of creativity...

We believe we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. The talent at Newton Marketing is a group of team oriented, fun loving, and creative individuals who come together from a variety of backgrounds. From Marketing and Business to Graphic Design and Fine Arts, our common denominator is creativity. Second only to creativity is our dedication and hard work. Through proper planning and attention to detail, we make sure we always have time for family and each of our passions.

We believe in the importance of a team process in creating marketing platforms. This belief is based on a philosophy that the most comprehensive way to approach any project is to do so with full interaction of the clients, the planners, and the providers. This collaborative effort capitalizes on customer-specific opportunities that are key in developing successful programs that attract customers.

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